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All Comments

How did this white woman + black man relations trend start ? and why is the vice versa less common ?
It would be easy to say this is just breaking barriers. But its not that simple.

In my community i don't notice many black women and white men dating. However every so often I come accross a couple of a white woman and a black man.

In fact, very often, its the most notorious guy in the neighbourhood that has a white girlfriend.

Why ?

Why is a relation of a white woman and a black man, more common than vice versa ?
Black man/white woman is more common for a lot of reasons:

-Black men are probably the most aggressive I've seen as far as pursuing who they are interested in, white women probably second. Black women are among the least aggressive, and part of that is just being socialized as women that men should approach women. I see a lot of black women interested in men, including white guys, but they insist the guy has to come to them. Less white women do this, and this has largely become more of a cultural difference than a gender difference. With white men not being as aggressive as black men or white women, combined with the extra racial issues when a white guy is interested in a black woman (not even just racism, but more like "whoa, how do I approach a black woman??" or "I heard black women only like black men...I'll probably get rejected"), that leaves a lot of black women waiting forever and ever for an approach that is not forthcoming

-Like some others have suggested, black men view white women as a prize and a step up in society. Black women don't view white men quite the same way, usually. You say the most "notorious" guy usually has a white girlfriend. My observation has actually been that the more money a black guy has or obviously will have some day, the more you can just about bank on his having a white, Asian or Latina female on his arm. With other black guys, you might see them in interracial relationships, but it seems less likely just because--and this might seem offensive, but--the average white woman cares about money in a man a little too much to be dating guys, especially a black one, who doesn't have much and because black guys with less money tend to be in predominantly black environments (making it more likely he'll get with a black female) more than black guys with money.

If you don't believe me, sit and take account of black male celebrities (including athletes) who have non-black girlfriends or wives and ones who actually have a black woman. With these black guys, having a non-black female is another sign he has "made it" in America--honestly, the same is true for Asians and Latinos. And even if a black guy starts out with a black woman, if he has money or once he gets it, you can bet he'll either leave for a non-black woman or he's going to have an affair with one (or more). I'm waiting on Obama's @ss to do it, haha. As far as what I said about white women and money, again, it's just a cultural difference. White girls are more often taught growing up to find someone "who can take care of them." Black women are not taught that, on average.

I'm not sure how to explain why the same is not true for black women, i.e. the prize/step up thing. Some of it might be history, some of it just the difference between how men value mates and how women do, some of it being how women experience more crap in society regardless of race. In terms of history, when we hear about all the bad things that happen, black women notice it's usually a white man behind it...including things like slavery and raping black female workers. As far as values...very hard to explain, but one thing is that men have always emphasized (lighter) skin color in preferencing people; women do it less, it seems, and look at more practical things in mates. Discrimination--women tend to want someone whom they feel can relate to them and understand them. The average black female doesn't feel white men can do that because there is a huge privilege/life experiences gap there. The gap is smaller between black men and white women--both experience discrimination to the point where it's the norm in their lives, so white women can empathize with and somewhat compare to black men.
Why do you think that marriages between a white man and black woman are so rare?
Much rarer than white woman/black man.
same thing with Asian girls and white guys. they are so much more common than Asian guys and white girls.
Why is a black woman with a white man socially unaccepted in the United States?
I was in Montreal last week, they were many black woman/white man interracial couples. No one ever gave them a second look on these couples. So why is it a big deal here in the US? I know there not common interracial relationships like black men with white women, or white men or Asian women. But still, why do people are giving big eyes on these couples.

BTW, I'm not black. But I'm just curious as to why is it so difficult in the United States to accept other people lifestyles.
it all has to do with race, people tend to "confine" themselves to their race. plus, c'mon the people who have problems with interracial relationships are racist they are unable to accept such change & cant think outside the box. also some ethnic groups are treated like dirt: black, hispanics, arabs. but seriously we all know who the real trouble makers are. truthfully though i cant seem to understand racism maybe because im not racist. now there are certain people i dont like, but im not against any one group, most people have a right to eat & live.
Why are Black woman/ white man relationships seen as good ?
but black men with white women are seen as bad? Ive noticed this even on you tube you will see the videos about black women dating white men getting alot of positive feedback and everyone encouraging black women to date white men but on videos of black men with white women they get hate.

Why is this?
Because the black women are actually doing a good thing... when it comes to dating white men
but white women going for black men its like going backwards
truth hurts huh , so keep bringing my thumb down
What are the odds of a black man and white woman giving birth to a black guy instead of white?
What about the odds of a white man and black woman giving birth to a black guy?
I'd like to know the percentages and American statistics in the past decades.
In fact, check out the movie "Pinky." It's about a nurse who lives and works with white folks (this was about 60 years ago) but whose family is black. Turns out she got one set of genes, but not the other. Oh well. Odds? It would depend on which was dominant, which I suspect would have other factors besides mere melanin count influencing the results. So give it a liklihood of an even blend, but I've never seen statistics on how often that blend is skewed.
How come black woman and white man relationships are much more common than black man and white woman?
Why does it seem that more white men and black women are interested in each other than black men and white women? I see white men and black women relationships all the time in my city, but have only seen black men with white women twice in the past 3 years. What explains this intriguing discrepancy?
"Seem" is the key word. Perhaps it's the demographics.
How do you really feel when you see a white man with a black woman?
Typically the relationship is the opposite. Black man/white woman. I am very open and accepting of all relationships (interracial, gay,etc). Who am I to judge? It appears that some people (namely black men and white woman) aren't as accepting. I'm a tall, thin (5'9 size 2), college educated (Fluent in 3 languages), very attractive, financially secure black woman. My husband is a handsome and well established physician. People tend to have preconceived ideas about our union. That I must be a bossy loud mouthed over bearing gold digger. Or that he's in it for the sex. When the truth is my husband is the head of the household despite the fact that I earn more than he does, have better credit, and because we're Christian we didn't have sex until AFTER we were married.
its probably because the stereotypes that the media gives..because there are more black men dating interracially then black women people assume the worst, also because you are stable you have a great career and hold sensible status that people find it intimidiating and make a persona that doesnt describe you at all because what tv and most movies portray... so you can say america is brainwashed to the idea that minorities only marry or date outside their race because they think it brings them benefits of some sort which are not true
Culturally speaking why do see a Black man and a White Woman together?
way more often than the White Man and Black Woman couple? I have always wondered why you dint see as many White Men and Black Women together?
Because more black men (most commonly African-American men) go inter-racially more than black women who go inter-racially. Not all black women but most would want to date and stick with black men who they're attracted to more. While only some black women want to be with white men more than black guys. As long as they're happy, are just only going by preference and not only doing it for negative reasons (hate having something against BW/BM, maybe some bad experiences from other blacks, self-hated issues, to make someone jealous) then it's fine.

And also for some black people, especially black guys saying they can't stand black women because a few they experienced with. If more just broaden their horizons not generalizing and just hook up with ones who are classy, smart, and suits them, there wouldn't be any problems blaming each other just because of being black. Postive and civilized black men should be with positive and civilized black women, while the ghetto couples just stick together. Some just need to stop being with the hood rats/thug types since class/civilized and vulgar doesn't mix.
Is it harder to be a Black Woman or a Black Man or a White Woman or a White Man today?
There is no way any one person could know this of course, but just by living in society today, just by your own experiences or observations of life outside of yourself, is it harder to exist in today's society as a:

Black Man (or man of color)
White Man (Caucasian)
Black Woman (or woman of color)
White Woman (Caucasian)

Why? 10 pts for the most thoughtful answer.
In this society, money is the most important thing to people. Therefore, I conclude that black women have it hardest (out of the groups listed). My reasoning is due to wage discrimination amongst other things.
The link below provides some useful information:
Why are black women, and white men so spiteful of Black man/white woman relationships?
White men will always say, " ohh she must be fat or ugly" they know this is not true
Black women will always say " she's easy, he can't handle strong black women" this is not true

IM NOT SAYING EVERY BW/WM IS LIKE THIS, but why are they like this in general?
Honestly, who really cares?

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