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Is it immoral to model in underwear if you have a little girl ?
my partner thinks so but it brings money in. it's not exactly skimpy stuff is it ?
Nope. How is it immoral? It may be socially unacceptable for some, but social acceptability and morality are not the same thing.
Aren't underwear models supposed to be slim?
No offense, but every picture I see Perroncel in, she's carrying a little bit extra there. Ilke girls with some meat on the bones, but I thought an underwear model would have been a bit slimmer. That is unless she models big draws.
Maybe she models underwear cause she has huuuuge mugumbos and as a result she is larger, some women have "fat boobs" and if they lose weight, they loose boobidge. I guess the most important part for a 2 bit underwear model is boobs? I don't know. Ask your mum. BOOM!
Girl down the street modeling underwear for me? Is she being serious or playing around?
Well, after my bus came to our stop we all stood around talk about stuff before we went home. and I being 15 was talking to another girl who lived pretty near me who was 14. now she is HOTT with all friggin caps. ohf course she doesnt know... so I keep it to myself. ANYWAY, she was talking to me and she said she bought some really hot looking underwear and lingerie from Victoria's Secret, but she said she diddnt know if she wanted to keep all of it... so she said that she would " come over and model some bras and underwear for me" and then she turn to leave... but as she turned she said "I'll come tomorrow" and started walking... of course I was just standing there and I nodded a yes which was all I could manage. and a little bit further she turned and said " you could even tell me what you think of me naked" and she turned and continued... now here i am just minutes after she told me this... but I DONT KNOW IF SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!! should I like get condoms... I might not be able to resist and naked chick posing on my bed inches from me!... WHAT DO I DO!!
better save than sorry..have a condom incase...but just don't let her know you've got one..then there's no pressure on her
Why should I love you and stay with you if you won't love and stay with me?
I have heard talk of guys saying that they would dump their girlfriend if she got into some serious accident, but they want the girl to love them and be by their side if something bad happened to them.

Guys, please tell me why you think it's okay that you are loved for you who you are, but you won't do the same for women? What gives you the right, the audacity?

It really scares me when they now have Playboy T-shirts for four year olds. I saw a Playboy T-shirt on a four-year old and it wasn't cute, it was pathetic and gross. Who do you think designed it? Probably some man! It scares me when I see underwear for little girls that say Kiss Me and Juicy!

Looking nice is important, but we don't need to get carried away. We women don't have to look like models, only ourselves. Guys, don't you want a woman who is happy and secure with herself as opposed to someone who is running to get plastic surgery every other week?
I dont understand the question. You go from unconditional love with conditions to T-shirts and panties to plastic surgery.

Men are human. They want someone they are attracted to and someone who can keep up with their "primal urges." Women are no different. We want the same things, HOWEVER, women tend to be more nurturing and compassionate towards others. Hence, we are mothers to guyren. If something happens to a man, we want to take care of them. As for the guys wearing sexually suggestive clothing-that falls back on the parents purchasing them and allowing their guyren to wear it. Dont take it out on the manufacturer.
Is this girl too skinny or what?
this girl i know is a fashion model. now shes always been skinny, but lately she looks really skinny just skin and bones. i went over her house recently with a gift for her; a pair of pants and a belt. she tried them on and they were big on her. they fell right off with the belt on. plus the pants were a size 00. i was shocked. also i noticed that when they fell off the underwear looked a little big on her. is my friend getting too skinny?
depending on her height her BMI is probably really low, (Body Mass Index) Its the measure of a healthy height weight ratio. A size 00 isn't a healthy size to maintain indefinitely and if she is smaller than this I would also be concerned. Her diet and exercise choices probably aren't healthy.

There is unfortunately not much you can do about the situation. you can tell her you are concerned she is too thin but she's probably under pressure to be thin from the industry she is in. Be supportive but let her make her own decisions about her weight etc.
Am i being unreasonable over a photo a model girl has taken with my boyfriends name written all over her body?
okay. so i know its only the internet but this sh*t has got to me hard (excuse the language)....theres no answer to this really, i was kind of hoping for a little advice :)
my boyfriend is friends with this girl who is model, and although i have never met her from what i have seen an heard about her so far i have not liked, and i am definitly not one to judge before i know, but something about her made me uneasy. SO (bare with me, this is a little long) she used to text him alot flirting an stuff but he said to me he wasnt interested, which is fine.
Until she put pictures up all over her myspace of herself wearing underwear an my boyfriends name written down her body (he is a musician) and supposedly it was "to promote him" but surely there are other ways to promote than using this girl who has clearly been interested in my boyfriend since day 1 and havin them broadcast all over the internet where people are going to see them an im going to look like an idiot...or am i being stupid?
Don't let what other people do affect you. What this comes down to is the trust you have for your boyfriend. As long as you trust him then there shouldn't be an issue. It sounds like he respects you enough that he tried to make her take them down. You can't control what other people do. Remember he comes "home" to you not her. So let it go.
*MUST SEE!* about Miley Cyrus?
now here, in this q&a thingyy, all of you seem to hate and love miley cyrus, hey, what's the big point? they hate because her features are too imperfect or her teeth is too crowded or crocked, her nose is blocking everything, her eyes are poisonus to look at. hey, the BIG reason (this is for the ones who LOVE miley cyrus) for this frenzy is, hannah montana is a bad girl who poses with her exposure of underwear and bras, she is one bad actress and terrible singer and this is all because of her famous daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus, hannah fans, you can dump hannah now if you wish, if you continue loving her and think she is a GOOD ROLE MODEL FOR LITTLE GIRLS, no ones forcing anybody. you have tour choice, good smiley brings out the true miley? sure, true, miley isn't the miley we've had when she was little good 14, now, omgoodnes, she has turned into one horrible monster with a texasy accent! ew, good compliment and bad . she makes fun of other disney channel stars online in youtube (Miley &mandy show) and critizises them, she and mandy are bad, perverted girls and miley's songs and babyish and made of CRAP she can't even write her own songs, she can't even sing or do stuff right, (This is for the people who HATE MILEY) SHE IS ONE FREAK THAT POSES WITH HER UNDERNEATHS AND HELPS CHILDREN AND IN HER THOUGHT" THIS IS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME, AND THIS MORONS ARE UGLY! STUPID TOO!" miley is the one that is all what she's thought about the poor homeless guys. she needs to be banished from the face of this earth!
I see the *must see*. But did you forget that Miley cyrus is human just like the rest of us ? and do you expect for a 16 yr old to write her own songs!
idk what you think about miley wether you like her or not but she has millions of little girl fans and people are really judging her.... its like she has to be perfect or shes a horrible person.. shes so pressured (( thats not to say i didnt stop liking her after she started dating a 20 year old underwear model )) i just think people are being really hard on her
i think so. I like her and i really thought she would be a good role model. I still like her, I am just not miley obsessed like I used to be. :)
Anyway, yeah. People should just cut her a break for heaven sake! I think it is a bigger deal if she does it is she is suposed to be a role model for 5-12 year olds. (btw I am 14) but I still watch the show. It's funny, i probably will continue to watch it until the don't show it anymore. But yeah I think she feels presurred. She makes one wrong move and the tabloids go balistic! She says one thing to much the fans go OMG! But I don't think I want to be famouse for that reason, I don't think it is worth it. I don't pay attention to ANY tabloids. Sure, I may read some like J-14 or people but I never believe them! They take peoples words and TWIST them into something that would embarrese them!

If a girl had three guys.... Men Preferred for this question, but women ok to?
I just got off of the phone with a guy friend of mine. He is hot as hell and can have any female he wants. He used to be an underwear model for GQ. We became friends in NY when I went to visit. He is into another friend of mine and she has three guys 3,4, and 7. She divorced her ex a couple years ago. He told me she just blows him away because she is so graceful, a good mother, very manneristic, and a great mind that can keep amazing conversation. The only problem is that she has 3 guys. He doesn't know if that is getting into something way over his head and if it would be worth it. He never thought he would ever want a guy, little on being with someone who has three. He told me he is seriously asking her to marry him and wants to know what I think. I don't know what to say because both of them are good people and I don't want either hurt. What is your advise.
I have four guyren and it was indeed vexing for my partner for a number of reasons but he loves guyren and he loves me. He finds me attractive in the same way you have just explained that your friend likes his girl. On those grounds alone he should certainly try ay least. It is dificult to find some one who is that great a match!
Why is everything these days... ?
about jonas brothers and hannah montana?? i personally hate hannah montana,... she is a horrible roll-model to every little girl. i went to walmart the other day and i was in the jewelry section; i turn around and i see "HANNAH MONTANA BRACELETS" "CHECK THIS OUT! ITS HANNAH MONTANA PURSES, SUNGLASSES, BRAS, UNDERWEAR, BARBIE DOLLS, CHAIRS, TV's, FLASHLIGHT, MAKEUP, EARPHONES, VIDEO GAMES, SHIRTS, WHATS GONNA BE NEXT?! HANNAH MONTANA SHAPED TAMPONS!?

I actually have 3 of those items mentioned above, but this was WAY before Miley had all those pics leaked...
Underwear is BAD enuff...

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