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How can i get girl panties in wal-mart without my parents knowing?
Im a boy and wanted to try girl panties and didn't want to get caught.
I'm a girl and I have to buy makeup without my parents finding out cause they'd probably get mad and throw it away, anyways. You can go alone or with a friend, and grab a pair, run to the register, pay for it with cash, stuff it in your bag, and go back in and continue with your regular shopping? Sorry if it's not a good idea, but that's what I have to do.
When should I put my daughter in big girl panties?
My daughter is 18 months old. I know, many will think it's too young to start potty training, but she is showing all of the signs of being ready to potty training. I would never force her if she wasn't ready. Anyways, we JUST started potty training and bought her her own potty yesterday. Should I start her off in big girl panties so she can feel when she gets wet? Should I let her run around the house naked? Please help!
with my daughter we let her go commando when no company is here, she picked up on going to the potty right away, right now we're trying to get her to know when its time to pull her panties down to go but sometimes she sits on the potty with them on, as long as shes doing her business in the potty its going in the right step.... my personal experience is that girls are alot easier to potty train because you get them cute little panties with their favorite tv character on them and tell them how pretty they look in their big girl panties and they dont want to get them dirty.
my daughter watches mommy and daddy put their panties on everyday so she can see she isn't the only one who has to wear them, and she goes into the bathroom with us so she can see that even adults have to keep their panties clean :)
hope I helped.

also wanted to add my husband and I only use pull ups when we go out in public and when she is in bed at night because when we use them she still think its like a diaper and ok to go potty in them.
How is it weard for a tenage boy to were girl thongs,panties, and more?
Iam a strate up boy who loves to were girl panties,thongs,g-strings,and more. I even were bras to school to. And I do have a gf who love to see me in them.
yes! that is very very weird... i hope i didn't offend you!! but if you get caught you'll be teased for life!!!
Why does it seem like guys like girl panties so much?
ok this is a weird question but i was wondering why in does it seem like guys in Japan are obsessed with girl's panties? (not trying to be discriminative, Its just I heard they had used panty machines over there and guys buy girl's panties out of them) ok so do all guys like panties? and why?
well , just think about it, what's not to like: they are pretty and sexy, the spend the day next to that "area" that they love so much so they get to envy our panties, then our panties pick our intimate smell which they happen also to love....and it's not only in Japan , it's all around the world, just natural....hey .I love them too and I'm a girl
Is the expression "put on your big girl panties and deal with it" offensive?
Does it matter if its said to someone in a work environment, or elsewhere?
No, but it is perverse and I like it a lot.
Should I complain to my supervisor about this or should I just pull up my big girl panties and get over it?
My co-worker, who was hired at the same time as me, to do the same job as I do, does everything she can to get out of filing. Filing is about 75% of our job. She will take breaks, pretend to fix her clothes, pretend to be talking to clients (I can tell the phone is off on my console), ANYTHING to get out of it. Then, when she is finally trapped into it, she sorts through and files only the ones in the top 2 drawers. Leaving me to crawl on the floor filing them.
So, should I say something? How do I word something like this so that I don't look like the schmuck?
P.S. I don't mind filing. I just want her to do her fair share of all the filing, even the low ones.
You know, no matter where you work, these people will continue to exist. I have been in the same boat as you, and the best thing to do is bring it to her attention first. Let her know that you don't appreciate her laziness and lack of drive. If after you've talked to her you don't see a change in her work, I would bring it up to your Supervisor. I hope this information helps, and good luck
"Put on your big girl panties and deal with it"! What would be the equivalent comment for guys?
My sister-in-law sent me that joke last week to help "lighten my mood" over a family issue that was bugging me.

She's a sweetie and it did help.

Wondering . . .what would be equivalent comment for men?

BTY ....I adore and value men. So no "don't bash men" comments necessary. And...keep it clean. ~Thanks ~
turn in your man card

your wife called, said your forgot your balls

grow a set

do we need to get them back from that chick

hope these help
Do you think this girl wearing panties?
I was in a market and saw a girl wearing a tight shorts, that is really short. little bit of her butt is showing. Thats how short the shorts is. i was really curious if shes wearing any panties. Cuz i saw her whole butt cuz the short is white and kinda see through, and on the front i saw a small black spot, soo i assume is the bush. Soo do u think shes wearing any panties?
With a super short shorts, i think that's gross... i was thinking about no show panties (the ones that don't show panty lines even on tight jeans), but if you can see the butt... that gave me second thoughts, so i guess not...
How to potty train a 3 year old girl?
I have a daughter who is going to be 3 in December. She will not do #2 in potty. I tried putting big girl panties on her but she goes in them. I also have a almost 2 year old son. My daughter likes to do everything he does. He still wears diapers and she wants to wear them sometimes because he does. How can I get her to potty in the toilet all the time. Any suggestions?.
You need to up the stakes. Get a big piece of posterboard and make her a star chart and get different colors of the sticky foil stars. For going pee in the potty she gets a silver one and for every time she poops in the potty she gets a gold one.

An accumulation of a certain number of stars (a gold would be equal to three silver for example) equals a new book, a day at the playground or something equally entertaining and important to her.

Little brother isn't a BIG girl so he doesn't get stars.
Boys wearing girl panties?
I am 15 I wear girl panties I want to wear them all the time I Want my mom to find out the hard way .... So I plan on sleeping in just panties and in the morning she wocks me up and pulls my covers off she will see my panties .... do u thinks she will care make fun of me or help me shop for them at the store? my mom is nice do u think my dad would go crazy or he will help to ? they are nice parents
I. being a lon time married transvestite / crossdresser with a very supportive, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful wife, who has taught me all the traits to emulate women to the nines from presentation, standing, walking, sitting, mannerisms, make up, hair, nails, etc and have a very extensive wardrobe including 42 pair of HIGH HEELS, have NO problem wearing female panties, but for young "guys" such as yourself - I don't think you are quite ready for this.. You may think you are, and have read a lot about males etc who do so, and I quite truthfully think you are not ready for this..
As for the comments of "PopTart" about female panties not being comfortable. how can you make a comment of that nature...? Have you ever BEEN a male to experience whether they are "comfy" or not..?
Sure if you are going to wear "dental floss" style panties, that's a problem, but I wear bikini style panties, and I've NEVER had a problem,
Rachelle In High Heels.

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