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Who is the guy that stars in exploited black teens?
I wish I was this guy because he does it all, he got to be happy
I know the website and think it's Ed Powers. He is known for that little wee wee but yes a very lucky man like all men in porn.
Should the mineral wealth associated with black smokers be exploited?
They jet out copper, gold, and silver
No, we shouldn't. Yes, they do have those precious metals, but not in any quantities that anyone cares about. It would cost you thousands of times more to go down and try to collect it, then bring it back to the surface and process it, than you would get back from selling it. Plus, as cool as hydrothermal vents are, it's not like they're all over the place, and they're pretty small, too.

The only thing that can really be exploited from the semi-deep seas are vast oil fields (and they aren't as deep as the hydrothermal vents), because, well... they're vast, and the money spent selling the oil offsets the money spent retrieving it. The only other things that are really retrieved from any real depth are diamonds along certain areas of the west coast of Africa that had been expelled onto fairly shallow sandy alluvial plans by rivers.

But that's about it, as far as any semi-deep water retrieval goes. It's just too hard, too dangerous, and too expensive to be worth it.

There's copper, gold, and silver floating around in every single gallon of regular old ocean water, too, right? But we don't try to extract it.
Why is the media always exploiting black people?
i mean the other day i saw some bull **** on the internet saying 42 percent of black women are single. Idiotic people believe it...because their is no evidence....and what about white women? I know alot of white single mothers!
70% of African American guyren live with a single parent. Of that 70%, 16% live with a single father. 60% of White American guyren live with a single parent.

I got these statistics from Dr. Kunjufu.

Yes, there is evidence.

Also, I wouldn't say always exploiting. Single parenting is a huge issue for African American families. Also, I have seen many doctors and judges of African descent portrayed positively on tv.
Why are black people the poorest and most exploited people in any society on earth?
here in america were there are food stamps and everything we are poor, back home in africa were there is are lots of natural resources we are still poor.what is wrong with us, i have heard a lot of different explanations, some say its a curse on all black people through one of noah's son who is said to be our forefather,others say we scientifically lack something as humans,others say there hasnt been enough decolonization on our part. what is the real answer people?
Haven't you heard? The illegals are the poorest and most exploited according to them.
Are black men really that bad or has the media exploited them more than any other race.?
do you think the statistics are true or biased?
each race exploits themselves perfectly
Why does all great music originate from black musicians, & end up being exploited by whites?
if you look at the evolution of american music, anything that is worth mentioning was originated by black musicians. shortly following the arrival of a new sound, whites would usually come along & rip off the style/sound (& sometimes the songs themselves).

what is your opinion on this?
Rock n Roll
Hip Hop
R n B
How come its seems natural for black men to pimp white women?
but wrong for white men to exploit black women?
It's Wrong Either Way.
BLACK PEOPLE: how do you feel about black women being exploited in some rap/hip hop music?
i know that we are not the only ones exploiting women in music but that seems to be all ppl focus on these days...i know that this isnt in all hiphop/rap music but when i see pretty black girls wearing close to nothing shaking their butts in the camera (literally) its kind of sad...this doesnt really help the stereotypes we already face in society. and some of the lyrics are disgusting. calling us bitches and "hoes" and acting like the only thing girls are good for is sex...is this really what you like to listen to? and i dont date black guys in the first place, but it seems like in certain areas young black guys specifically aspire to be like these dumbasses on tv...do you find it demeaning to women? do you think its empowering because it gives the "black female look" a place in society? (yes ive heard people say that before) do you care at all?

i dunno. i think it can be done with a little more class. i also think ppl should care about women in general.not just in rap videos
1. If somethign affends me I don't listen 2 it

2. I think it's ridiculous regardless of there race I don't want 2 see azz on the screen every time I turn on the TV

3. I don't feel like what they do should affect me if they want to shake there azz in 500 videos (seriously I've seen some of the same girls in like 4 vids in a row) so be it but ppl shouldn't judge me 4 there actions

4. If that's what the black female look that's being spread in society then strip me of that image and let me make my own because I refuse 2 b seen as somebodys ******
Jindal-What will he say about Hindu's exploiting Black neighborhoods?
I think This One Question asked publicly to Jindal can sink his entire Bid for the GOP nomination and the Presidency.

Indians from india have shot and murdered countless African-Americans.

In African American neighborhoods Indian from india have a strong family tradition of selling porn and alcohol to African-American guyren.

What will Bobby Jindal say about Hindu's exploiting Black neighborhoods

That is non sense. Convenience store owners of all races sell to everyone. I've never been turned down for a six pack because I'm not black. My mostly white subdivision had 3 corner stores within walking distance, one owned by an old white couple, another corporate owned.
How do you feel about liquor stores exploiting the black community?
What should be done about this? and why?
It should be stopped. Close all liquor stores in Black communities. It will be better for those who live there and for those who have to live with drunks and criminals.

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